Comodo SSL Certificates

Security, Trust and Credibility for your website

SSL Certificates protect your customer’s personal data including passwords, credit cards and identity information.

Why are SSL certificates necessary?

  • Encrypts Sensitive Information: Protect your customers’ data from prying eyes – whether it be passwords, credit card details or other sensitive data.
  • Provides Authentication: Ensures that you are sending information to the trusted servers and not imposters trying to steal information.
  • Builds Trust:  Visitors will trust your website more when they see visual cues like a lock icon or a green bar and will therefore be more likely to buy from you.
  • SEO: Latest Google Chrome updates now shows visitors a ‘Not Secure’ message in the URL if your website is not https (i.e. no SSL certificate).

Starts at just $11.88/year

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Why choose Comodo SSL Certificate:

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Rock-Solid Security

Military-Grade Strongest Encryption: Comodo SSL Certificates use SHA2 & ECC 128/256 bit encryption which is an industry benchmark.

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URL Visibility

The issuance of an Extended Validation or EV certificate provides your website with your company name on a green bar and padlock in the web browser where your website is displayed.

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Boost Credibility

Your customers are aware of the difference between a secure and unsecure website. Having Comodo SSL your website will ensure you never lose out on traffic and sales.

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Better SEO

Search engines such as Google penalize websites identified to be not secured.

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Trust Logo Site Seal

Comodo SSL Security Certificates allow you to place a TrustSeal logo on your website giving your customers further visual assurance of the security and credibility of your website.

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Secure your website and customer data:


SSL Certificates protect your customer’s personal data including passwords, credit cards and identity information. Getting an SSL certificate is the easiest way to increase your customer’s confidence in your online business.

Supports all Browsers

Comodo SSL Certificates are compatible with 99.9% of web browsers, ensuring that whichever mode your customers use to reach you, your network connection with their browser is secured. Comodo is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge & more!

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30-day money back guarantee:

All our SSL certificates come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate issued for a domain by a central authority called the Certificate Authority. To be issued an SSL Certificate, you must purchase an SSL Certificate and then go through a verification process conducted by the Certificate Authority.

An SSL Certificate does 2 things: a. Encrypt the information sent from your user's browser to your website b. Authenticate your website's identity. By doing these 2 things, an SSL Certificate protects your customers and in turn increases their trust in your online business. This is especially important if your website requires users to login using passwords or enter sensitive information such as credit card details.

SSL Certificates are compatible with all major browsers.

Unfortunately, we don't support upgrades/downgrades at the moment. If required you can purchase a new certificate and install it on the same web server as the old certificate

While it isn't difficult to install an SSL Certificate, it does involve following a series of steps. You can find more information in our KnowledgeBase.