Refund policy within 30 days:


IT-Alfa Online Services unlike other web hosting service providers offers a solid money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchasing.

If you have any questions or comments, write to our email accounts in the support section or call us at the number indicated on our website.


The Hosting services covered by this guarantee are:

• Linux shared hosting, each and every one of its 4 plans offered on the web page are guaranteed restitution.

• Cloud Shared Hosting, each and every one of the 3 published plans also enjoy this guarantee.

• SSL Plans for Comodo Certificates, all plans present in the catalog offered to customers are covered by this guarantee.

• CodeGuard Backup Plans, plans published for the data protection service offered under the CodeGuard service are guaranteed money back.

• “Website Builder” plans, these plans are covered by the restitution guarantee.

Products not covered by your money back guarantee:

• Products and / or services such as domain registration, security plans such as SiteLock and all those plans included in the Combo offer do not enjoy a refund guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Special case constitutes the service offered by, in this service you are free to try the product through the “Free” Plan for later; In case you are interested in the service, you can go to one of the plans and pay.

• All plans, products and / or services published in which the coverage of the restitution of your money as guarantee is not expressly communicated, are automatically considered exempt from it.