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We use industry leading Web Hosting Control Panels and Hosting Automation software. We offer a comprehensive solution to you, your Resellers and your Customers for buying/selling and managing Linux Web Hosting.

Offer to your Clients or Sub-resellers Web Hosting Plans using:


Our Storefront

Your own storefront with your domain is your Customer’s gateway to purchasing the products you sell.

  • Ready made templates for your Products, Promotions, Emails, and more.
  • StoreFront allows product selection as well as custom pricing.
  • Fully functional cart and including pre-integrated Payment Gateways.
  • A powerful, user-friendly & custom-built interface that automates your business.

  • 24/7 Sys-Ad Level Support Teams.

, Reseller – Web Hosting


A platform independent API that is the Easiest to use in the Entire Industry.

  • All Buying and Management Functions Controlled through our API Core.
  • Standards compliant HTTP API that is Platform Independent.
  • Dedicated API Specialists.


Connect with the web’s most trusted web hosting tools, manage all products through 7+ options of third-party billing platforms.

, Reseller – Web Hosting

Start Reselling:

  • Single Domain Hosting Linux

  • Multi Domain Hosting Linux

  • Reseller Hosting Linux

  • WordPress Hosting

  • Shared Cloud

  • VPS Hosting – KVM

  • Bluehost VPS

  • Dedicated Servers Linux

  • Hostgator Dedicated

  • Dedicated Servers Bluehost

  • Fully Managed Servers

Wide and Robust Platform

Thanks to several commercial agreements with some of the most important operators worldwide, we have Data Centers in USA, England, India, Hong Kong and Turkey.

USA: Best suited for visitors from US & world over

England: Best suited for visitors from Europe

India: Best suited for visitors from India, South & Central Asia

Hong Kong: Best suited for visitors from China & East Asia

99.9% Guaranteed Activity

Our Network is a globally distributed collection of redundant server infrastructure which hosts all our Products and Services, consists of a complex mesh of global servers that interact with each other. The entire architecture is built upon common principles of High-Availability, Clustering and n+1 Architecture.

Firewall DDoS Ready

Hardware failover

Load balancing

Network Monitoring

Control Panel & ExpressCart

Easy Control Panel to buy or manage domains for your customers. Experience even faster checkouts with our ExpressCart option.


All Web Hosting packages come with a 30 day money back guarantee to you. If your Customer chooses not to use the package and deletes it within 30 days, you don’t get charged.

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