SiteLock Malware Detector

As a Hosting reseller you can offer SiteLock Website Security and help your customers protect their websites and online stores. Every day many malware and viruses are introduced on the online world, SiteLock malware protection help your customers feel protected and secured.

, Reseller – Malware Detector

Increase your customers’ sales:

After your customers’ websites are scanned and secured, they can proudly display the SiteLock Trust Seal. The Trust Seal shows that the websites of your customers are safe so their clients can purchase their product in a website safely.

Automatic Scanning :

SiteLock secures your website by scanning files, FTP and network connections every day for any vulnerabilities or malware. If any malware is detected, Sitelock removes it immediately.
SiteLock help protect your customers’ online business!!!

, Reseller – Malware Detector


, Reseller – Malware Detector

Find & Fix Malware daily

SiteLock security not only scans daily for malware but also removes it immediately

, Reseller – Malware Detector


The SMART scan automatically removes malicious code found on your website. Using the FTP scan

, Reseller – Malware Detector

Application Scanning

SiteLock scans your web apps to identify vulnerabilities that hackers can utilize to gain access to your website and data.

, Reseller – Malware Detector


SiteLock Website Security prevents common attacks such as SQL Injection and XSS.

, Reseller – Malware Detector

Network Scanning

Network scans are a part of its Deep 360 scan. SiteLock website security will check every single port on the servers, to be sure the ones that are supposed to be closed actually are.

360° Website Security

By combining patent-pending scans with automatic malware removal tools as well as with enterprise-grade firewalls protecting your store with an alarm system, website security has never been this amazing. Get started with SiteLock Website Security today and help your customers protect their websites and online stores.

Over 1 million website owners trust SiteLock

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, Reseller – Malware Detector