How to request a refund of your money?:


In accordance with our policy of restitution present in some of our products, in case you are not satisfied with our services you can apply for the refund of your money. This guarantee is valid only in the case made in writing by e-mail (sent to our billing address present in the contact section inside IT-Alfa) within and not beyond the 30 consecutive days (including the Week) from the date of purchase.

After that period of time and according to the plan to which you have applied; IT-Alfa On line Services will start the regular billing period and will not be able to opt for this guarantee.

Following our refund guarantee policy, we will reimburse the amount of money paid by you less the PayPal or banking commission associated with the transaction; without questions or pretexts to avoid honoring our promise. Still, once you have received your money back, we will proceed to send you a feedback module to learn more about why you were not comfortable with our service.

We thank in advance for any kind of collaboration or feedback that will allow us to be able to improve our services in the future and thus, to establish a better relation with our clients.