Today, thanks to the possibility of hosting a website on more than one server as mirror copies, it is possible to face any technical problem on any of its servers without that website being affected; it will continue online without Interruption of service for its visitors or users.

This is because the content is not hosted in a single point susceptible to failures, instead the content is dynamically balanced between several points (sometimes between several geographically distant points); Therefore the unaffected point will be responsible for continuing to service the website while its counterpart affected by the fault is repaired. 

Another advantage is the fact that the physical resources of the server (RAM, CPU cycles, etc.) in a cloud-based plan are not offered to its customers in a “best-available-configuration” solution. This mean: The resources will be guaranteed to your website according to the plan that you have chosen. In other words, if your plan offers you 2 GB of RAM for your website, no matter how overloaded that server may be at any given time, it does not matter that so many user accounts are hosted on the same physical server, it does not matter If your website has as “neighbors” more complex and frequented visited … your website will enjoy those 2GB of RAM promised.

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